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New England Golf Tour

Buddy Young Cup Sponsor

Buddy Young Cup Sponsor

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🏆 Sponsor the Buddy Young Cup: Elevate Your Brand in Golf! ⛳

Stand out as the official sponsor of the esteemed Buddy Young Cup—the pinnacle trophy of the Tour Championship. Showcase your company's name on the cup itself and enjoy extensive recognition across our website, social media pages, and dedicated posts.

Key Benefits:

  1. Exclusive Cup Sponsorship: Claim sponsorship rights to the revered Buddy Young Cup, showcasing your company name prominently on the cup.

  2. Generous Foursomes and Cart: Receive 4 foursomes with carts, usable at our events or partner courses, perfect for client entertainment or team outings. ($1200 value)

  3. Photo Opportunity at Trophy Presentation: Capture a memorable moment with a professional golfer during the Buddy Young Cup trophy presentation, solidifying your brand's association with golfing excellence.

  4. Supporting Top Money Leaders: Contribute to the success of the top three money leaders for the year by allocating $1000 ($500 to 1st, $300 to 2nd, $200 to 3rd), fostering a competitive and rewarding environment.

  5. Enhanced Brand Exposure: Gain prominent placement of your company name, link, and information on our website and social media pages, maximizing your brand's visibility.

  6. On-site Presence: Enjoy company signage at the clubhouse and 1st tee during the Tour Championship event, along with the opportunity to set up a promotional table at events for direct networking.

This sponsorship is your gateway to significant brand exposure, supporting golfing excellence, and aligning your company with a celebrated trophy in the NEGT community. Join us in elevating the Buddy Young Cup and making an impact in the world of golf!

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