AMATEURS: Skins and Net side pools with be paid in cash. Tournament amateur players that finish in the prize purse will receive a merchandise gift certificate to be redeemed in the host club’s pro shop.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Any conduct which the Committee deems to be disrespectful to the New England Golf Tour, its sponsors, the club or its’ personnel, members, spectators, or The Game of Golf, shall constitute grounds for loss of playing privileges and entry money. Specifically, the following actions will not be tolerated: Improper golf attire, deliberately throwing or breaking equipment. Any personal complaints or criticisms regarding the host club’s facilities, its staff, or other contestants shall be made to the Tournament Director, (in writing), with all particulars of the complaint detailed.

DRESS CODE AND PERSONAL APPEARANCE: All contestants in any New England Golf Tour event, must be neat in appearance with respect to clothing and personal grooming. The Committee in charge shall decide whether this requirement has been met and has the authority to withdraw the entry of a competitor who does not comply. The wearing of shorts is allowed.

MEDIA COVERAGE: Complete results of all New England Golf Tour events are sent as soon as possible after the conclusion of the event. We invite the players to provide us with any contact information of their local papers to add to our media list.

PRACTICE BEFORE ROUNDS: We try our best to avoid them, but sometimes we have to schedule one of our events at a course where the practice facilities are limited. In such cases the Professional players are restricted to practicing in the designated areas only, unless permission is given in advance by either the host Pro-Shop or the Tournament Director to do so elsewhere. Penalty for violation of this policy can result in disqualification.

REGISTRATION: Each player is required to check in at the Registration Table at least 15 minutes prior to their assigned starting time.

SHORTENED EVENTS: The Committee will determine the method of handling shortened events, and it will be done so with the best interests of the club and the players in mind. Every effort will be made to complete the entire 18 hole round, but the following policy will be in effect if this is not possible or practicable. In the event that all players are able to complete 12 holes, but unable to complete 18 holes, the event will become a 12 hole tournament. In the event that all players can not complete at least 12 holes, the event will be null and void, and all entry fees will be returned, minus a $10 administration cost.

STARTING TIMES AND GROUPINGS: The Committee is responsible for establishing starting times and groupings. As field sizes increase, normal procedure will be an “out-of-the-hat” draw. Special requests are considered. The Committee reserves the right to modify these procedures if it sees fit, for any reason, to do so.

WITHDRAWALS: Withdrawals are accepted for any reason without penalty if the Tour Office is notified at least 48 hours before the event. Late withdrawals are subject to a $25 administrative fee. No shows forfeit their entry fee.

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